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Welcome To GDC Pouni

Principal Message of Pouni.

The college has emerged as an institution devoted to social empowerment through education. The entire crew of this college is devoted to bring a positive social change and caters to the diverse needs of the student community. The college, by providing the most effective resources and environment, facilitate learning and holistic development of students. I am happy to wish you a fruitful academic year. GDC Pouni is not less than a dream come true for the first batch and general public of the area, who believed that the qualitative renewal of the society can be achieved only by education. The vision and mission of the College are framed in keeping with the dreams of the heavenly patron. Education here is aimed at the integral development of the personality of each student who enters the portals of this centre of learning. I invite you to do your best!

Our Vision / Mission


"Formation of a student into a well balanced Person"
"Education of a whole generation by education"
"Make qualitative improvement and renewal in the society through education"


Change the world by developing character, scholarship and leadership in students. Make the students physically equipped, mentally stable, socially committed, intellectually motivated and spiritually enlightened. Transform them into Well-balanced persons oriented towards supernatural as well as natural truth. Heighten their sense of discipline and responsibility.
Care for the individual welfare of each student

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